The person in this dream is a real person, or more specifically, a classmate from elementary school. Her name will not be disclosed unless said person is okay with such.


I'm at elementary school, but nothing really happens there. When I go home, I find out that there was a letter sent home to everyone stating that one of the children have passed away. The cause of her death is not mentioned.

The next day (most likely), multiple buses are guiding us on a field trip to...somewhere. When we arrive at our destination, we're at the house of the family of the girl that died. Everyone gets out of the buses, and walks into the garage. There, we see the supposedly dead girl walk out. The death was a hoax.

Many people were wow'ed at the fact that she was alive, but they strangely weren't angry about the faked death. The girl climbs onto the bus, and we all leave, supposedly going to a real field trip now.


What caused this dream to form is entirely unknown. The only connection that I can think of is the fact that I've been talking to some of my old school friends as of late. However, the girl in the dream is someone that I have no contact with as of now.