Warning: Dark descriptions.

To celebrate loud noises in July, I fused up this horrendous dream.


One night, supposedly July 4, I was helping my father carry boxes of fireworks inside. Then, out of nowhere, an M80 lights up. In hopes of not having my hand explode, I throw it off the balcony. It explodes and lets out a slow, orange shockwave that goes out about 1 1/2 meters. Luckily, it doesn't hit the neighbor's house.

However, the worst has yet to come. Back downstairs, there's a crowd of people that are in our family, along with fireworks. Again, one of the fireworks were lit without a source, and started emitting sparks. One thing, though: it was in a box of fireworks. The others were lit by the heat, and suddenly there's showers of sparks everywhere. This goes on for a moment, then the finale goes off: a giant, white fireball spirals into the sky, letting off a humongous explosion.

Only then did everyone start screaming and retreating. Organs started falling from the sky like falling stars, but nothing was on fire. We all flee into the basement to avoid choking from the smoke, where it was mostly safe. While we were down there, my mother wields a Roman Candle, and it somehow lights up. she unintentionally aims at me, as I say to "Watch where you're aiming that thing".

What happens next, along with our well-being is unknown.


At the time, I was looking at Youtube videos of firework accidents. Some of them can actually turn out really cool when nobody gets hurt.