(Picture will be added soon.)

Joe's Restaurant is a building that I have dreamed about in early 2017. It's been too long for me to remember the exact date, though.


The restaurant specializes in fried chicken. However, it is very irregular compared to most modern-day restaurants. Despite it's averaged-sized menu, the establishment scales up to 100 floors in height.

The first floor is the main floor. It is where the customers eat and where a singular worker, his name being unknown, takes all the orders and prepares all the food. It is unknown weather or not this person is Joe himself, though it is unlikely.

The use of the other floors is vague. However, if I remember correctly, I have managed to explore a bit of the other floors in my "ghost form". (An article on this will be written soon.) I can't exactly remember what I've seen, though. However, it was most likely piping and ingredients for the food.


I consider Joe's Restaurant to be the most inspiring dream that I've ever had, due to how abstract and unique the central idea of it was. It is one of the dreams that have inspired me to start this wiki, and I will forever remember it as the dream.