ThinkUp's icon.

Not to be confused or conflicted with the actual ThinkUp application.

ThinkUp (in my dreamscape) is a very powerful piece of spyware created by an anonymous 4-5 person group of hackers. The ultimate purpose of this spyware or why it was created is unknown, but it's possible that it was made to collect peoples' personal information.


ThinkUp has the following abilities:

  • It can download and install itself automatically. This includes operating its own installer without the user's consent after being downloaded.
  • It can spread itself to other nearby devices in house-range, even if it's not a computer. This has been proven with the Wii U only, but likely has the ability to break into many more devices, such as phones.
  • It can find its user's location.
  • It can (and will) open its mainframe upon the infected user's computer upon starting up. There is no option to turn this off. The interface is mostly purple.
  • If the user makes any attempt to uninstall or prevent something the program is trying to do, it will worsen the infection as a form of punishment.